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Canvas ColdFusion Wiki Issue: Orphaned pages via link labels

Name: Orphaned pages via link labels
ID: 48
Project: Canvas ColdFusion Wiki
Type: Bug
Area: Front End
Severity: Low
Status: Fixed
Related URL:
Creator: Steve
Created: 05/10/12 8:00 AM
Updated: 05/14/12 7:04 AM
Description: When setting up a new structure, my pages were to be setup as a trail under each other. Three levels deep my pages were, for example, 'Main', 'Main.Page1', 'Main.Page1.Sub1'. This worked as expected and when I clicked 'Special Pages' -> 'Orphaned Pages' I saw 0 results (which is expected).

However, I decided to change the labels on my links so that users would see 'Sub Page 1' rather than 'Main.Page1.Sub1'. After adding labels to all page links, most of them now appeared as being 'orphaned pages'.

This is sort of a semantics issue and me just being picky (a developer's second nature), but in the future I can see people creating pages and forgetting to set up the links. This orphan page feature will prove extremely helpful to find said pages, except I don't want to have to search through page by page to see if it is truly orphaned or not.
History: Created by BowlerDo0d (Steve) : 05/10/12 8:00 AM

Comment by BowlerDo0d (Steve) : 05/11/12 10:57 AM
After further digging, I found a solution to this issue.

Within the function 'getWhatLinksHere' is was searching the database for '[[pageLink]]' explicitly. I modified the query and added a line to search for that OR '[[pageLink|%]]' to allow for a wildcard label name. Issue resolved (for me) and now works as expected.

Comment by cfjedimaster (Raymond Camden) : 05/11/12 11:08 AM
Steve, can you shoot me your file? Email is raymondcamden at gmail dot com

Updated by cfjedimaster (Raymond Camden) : 05/14/12 7:04 AM
Thanks Steve!

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