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Thread: Installation CanvasWiki
Created on: 02/05/16 04:47 AM Replies: 1

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Installation CanvasWiki
02/05/16 4:47 AM

Hi all,

I have problems installing CanvasWiki.

I see there was some changes from ModelGlue/MachII/Coldspring side.

I saw some hints here in the forum, but those hints seems to be outdated as well.

For example those topics:
a) http://canvas.riaforge.org/index.cfm?event=page.issue&issueid=0B40B7F9-0EE9-69F2-CFD95ACE8B756096

b) http://canvas.riaforge.org/forums/messages.cfm?threadid=5F9ADD94-066D-DDC0-5A6652A69975E795

Did anyone successfully install CanvasWiki with the new Modelglue 3.2 RC 2 and/or Coldspring 2.0 alpha1 / MachII 1.8.x - verions and is able to help out?

Best regards from switzerland,
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Joined: 02/05/16
Posts: 2
RE: Installation CanvasWiki
02/05/16 7:18 AM

Hi folks,

Win2k8 x64 & CF9.

To install CanvasWiki i change/add following steps of the install.pdf.

1. Downloaded ModelGlue from here:
https://github.com/modelglue/modelglue-framework.git (download Zip file)

10. Download Coldspring 1.2 from here:
https://github.com/wolfnet/coldspring (download Zip file)

11. Structure of folders.

----------[+] canvaswiki
----------[+] coldspring
----------[+] modelglue

To be sure: I've added ColdFusion mappings to those directories.

11. If website throws:
"Error Occurred While Processing Request - The request has exceeded the allowable time limit Tag: CFLOOP"
Change your CFadmin setting: Timeout Requests after [ ] seconds.

12. If website throws:
"A timeout occurred while attempting to lock canvaswiki/.modelglue.loading"
Verify the following (cf9 - maybe other versions affected as well):
-Use J2EE session variables is enabled in CFAdmin
-Report execution times is off in the CFAdmin
-Memory Tracking is off in the CFAdmin
-Server monitoring is off in the CFAdmin
-Profiling is Off in the CFAdmin
-Reload is set to false in canvaswiki/config/ColdSpring.xml

Restart CF after those changes.

13. If CanvasWiki is slow as hell, make sure canvaswiki/.DS_Store is present and writable by the webserver.

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